Interview Tips

Interview Tips for Applicants

“Well begun is half done”, at Hollilander we believe in this saying and a comprehensive preparation is the first step towards success. We offer you some tips to face the interview panel, this may not be a comprehensive list but some sure pointers to keep in mind while you get closer to your job. Whether it is a panel interview or a one-to-one interview, being equipped for your interview surely gives you an added advantage.

  • Put yourself in your employers´ shoes and answer. The employer would be more interested to know how you can add value to him/her
  • Before giving a response to the interviewer, listen to him/her carefully and completely
  • Always prepare beforehand to answer questions on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, but cite examples on how you are overcoming or improving your weaknesses
  • Be genuinely passionate about your responses. This is required especially as you are in the healthcare profession
  • Interview is not all about answering or responding. Ask questions when you get a chance; questions about the organisation, the vision and work atmosphere is greatly appreciated by employers
  • Ask about cross functional teams and understand how dependent your work is on other departments. This projects you as a team player
  • Ask about the exact job profile. If the interviewer is not mentioning something which is in your mind, ask for clarity
  • Be aware of your body language; do not slouch, be attentive and more importantly answer coherently
  • Organise your thoughts before answering, well thought-out answers boost self-assurance compared to impulsive answers
  • Always ask for clarification, or to repeat if you are not clear about a question from the interviewer
  • An unanswerable question is just a question which needs more time to answer. Request the interviewer if you could come back to them with your answer
Good Luck for the Interview.