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Course Description

A course in Fashion and Luxury is for the individuals who favor wonderful and savvy garments and for the individuals who appreciate utilizing their creative ability and ability to make these dresses, caps, footwear and a wide range of other distinctive one of a kind ensembles. A course in Fashion and Luxury will investigate how form is associated with different ideas, for example, style, mold plan and accumulations, and additionally design industry and news coverage. Understudies additionally figure out how to create and assemble a form portfolio, how to apply the standards of article of clothing configuration, and how to focus on a coveted purchaser advertise.

Graduates of Fashion outline and Luxury can discover work as brand chiefs, design creators, material planner, item engineers, retail organize director, originators and  architects, outfit creators, mold beauticians, form purchaser, design writers, or as a mold facilitator for TV, motion pictures, or magazines.