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Work abroad

At Hollilander, we approach our clients´ objective from their view point. This in turn means that we make sure that all your objectives are taken in to consideration before finding the right opportunity for you. With our enduringexperience over the years we thoroughly understand the market we cater to, this knowledge makes us standout from the competition.

Hollilander is mainly focussing on recruitment of nurses and IT professionals in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). We offer the following services in your journey to the dream job:

    • Eligibility assessment of the candidate
    • Assistance for registration process at the destination country
    • Finding and finalizing prospective employers
    • Conducting interviews with the candidate for implementing the contract between employer and employee
    • Collating the documents and preparation from employer and employee
    • We coordinate with relevant departments for proper documentation in order to get the work permit and also for training programs
    • End to end assistance in visa application process
    • Travel assistance
    • We provide comprehensive assistance once the candidates arrive in the destination country. This include:
      1. Police card
      2. Bank Account
      3. Tax registration
      4. Training Programs
    • Assistance in transportation and accommodation arrangements
    • Last but not the least, we complete the loop by introducing the employer and employee Eligibility


  • Candidates searching for job in Ireland - Writing -7, Speaking-7, Listening-6.5, Reading -6.5, Over all -7 band score
  • Candidates pursuing jobs in UK - Individual -7 band score